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Here you can find free teaching materials designed by experienced lecturers. There are files on: Adorno, Althusser, Baudrillard, Bhaskar, Bond, Bourdieu, crime and deviancy, class, critical race theory (CRT), critical theory, culture, Deleuze, Disney, Durkheim, distance education, drugs, education, educational technology, ethnography, feminism, functionalism, figurationalism, Freud, gender, Garfinkel, Giddens, gramscianism, Habermas, heritage, history, identity, ideology, leisure, marxism, McDonaldization, media, modernity, Mulvey, New Age, Nietzsche,  philosophy, postfordism, postmodernity, poststructuralism, qualitative and quantitative methods,'race', Rancière, realism, shopping, social mobility, social theory, video violence, Weber, whiteness, Willis, women, youth -- and more. Click 'files' button below or use the search box (use UK spelling and make sure names are correct. Apologies to US readers and others).
All materials are free to use, subject only to the Creative Commons licence.

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